6 ways to quickly raise the libido

sex1dateMethod 1. “Scare yourself”.

Take care, for example, learning to surf, instead of lying on the beach. After that, the “pump” of adrenaline, you will find a special charm in sex. “When you’re excited about something, your heart is beating faster, the nerves are strained. Very similar to the awakening desire. Just do not overdo it, do not expend all the energy to conquer the waves” You can find a less exotic occupation. For example can be that exotic occupation.

Method 2. Romantic Dinner

Preferably with a glass of red wine. Women who regularly drink red wine at dinner, have higher levels of sexuality compared to those taking any other kind of alcohol or do not drink at all. Scientists theorize that the red wine, which has a higher percentage of polyphenols (a type of oxidants), dilates blood vessels and blood flow to various organs. Just stick to one glass, not more. Otherwise, you can forget about your libido. Much less stressful is online chat in Birmingham.

Method 3. Take the “attitude”

Yoga can enhance libido more than warm-up, according to a review published in the Magazine Sex and Marriage Therapy. Yoga can also improve your orgasm as improves the blood supply to the lower half of the body. Since these magazines often read women with sexual problems, addressing them. “Discuss this with your partner – Yoga will help both.”

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Method 4. Hand in hand

Gentle and easy to take in hand their partner – you feel like you passed your heat and excitement? “Even a slight touch of your partner makes him rise of oxytocin, a hormone that causes the desire of intimacy”. You must be relaxed when this feeling reaches your soul. Then suddenly emerged excitement fills your whole body with oxytocin and other neurotransmitters associated with sexual response. You will be victorious with that feeling. That’s what you can’t get while you are at online chat in Birmingham.


Method 5. Always wear red dress

“Make it so that your clothes will have scarlet tones”. Red – is a signal of status and power, he “gets” women, many professors explain this. So, wearing a crimson shirt, you can bring tears to your partner before you get a “dessert” That’s another big advantage of real dates and not online dating Birmingham.

Method 6. Make a “smell”

It is highly likely that your partner is sensitive to smells, while inhaling the smell of sweat (after the gym or work) will cause him the increasing concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol (cortisol), which is responsible for the emergence of desire. Performing exercises together (exercise should be such that your “taps” opened), after a shower (also together).

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