Why dating Russian women

Why dating Russian womenThe secret charms of Russian women that keep attracting lonely men from all around the world are still not disclosed completely. The thing is that the mysterious Russian soul is one of the biggest riddles that has been challenging minds of people from other countries during centuries. However, it is still possible to deduce why one should date Russian women. There are clear reasons for doing that. Thereby, we are going to outline some of them, whilst you are still able to find much more yourself by starting actually to date one.

The first and most obvious reason lays in the undisputed which is acknowledged worldwide. Well, there are also some reasons that can be understood. Western girls (we mean the ones from Western Europe and America) are also beautiful. We are not arguing that. The crucial difference comes when we take a closer look at the everyday life of an ordinary woman in Russia and that of a Western lady. The thing is that the European and American counterparts go out on their daily routine without putting on their best dresses or spending a lot of time making up because they are confident that they will not be left alone and there will always be a man or even many men around them. Russian women face a very different reality. Due to several demographic factors, the number of men in Russia has decreased significantly. Therefore, there are much more women than men, and, thus, Russian women are forced to make up thoroughly each time they go out in order to attract men. Besides, this has become a tradition as it is not appropriate for a Russian woman to go out without being made up or dressed breathtakingly.

Another important reason that responds to the question why is that they have strong family values. This is very different to what is being happening in America and Europe where you can hardly find a woman that is willing to have family and children firstly. Nearly everyone in the West are now trying to promote free relationships or to make friends with benefits which literally means to have all type of sexual and intimate relationships without any type of responsibility or even calling each other a couple. This is a significant blow to the traditional family values. The things change radically when we talk about Russian women that were raised in accordance with Russian traditions. Russian girls are dreaming about family since they are small kids. However, when they are grown and ready to get married, they start to encounter with multiple problems of the harsh reality. Firstly, there are not many young people who are willing to have family and children. Secondly, some girls are scared to get left alone with children. Obviously, it would be quite difficult to raise even one child for a lonely mother. Thirdly, the economic situation is very unstable, despite all the efforts that have been made. Therefore, a lot of people are just afraid of getting married as they dread about not having enough money to live at least a decent life.

secret charms of Russian women

Lastly, one feature that marks the difference between Russian and Western girls is that the Russian ones are very devoted to their husbands and rarely cheat on them. So, if you get a very traditional girl with extremely conservative views, you will have a trustworthy life companion.

To conclude, here you can read the most important reasons for choosing to marry a Russian girl, but there much more characteristics that you may like. If you haven’t made a decision yet, do it now!