Why gay people always seem happier?

lesbian love kissI don’t know if you all agree with me by I always have that idea how gay people are happier people. When I see two people that are in a gay relationship I always see them happy, I see them laughing, but I never remember to have seen an angry couple or a gay couple being upset. Maybe I got that idea because in my mind gays and are people that are always joyful. I don’t really have an explanation for that, but I truly believe that gay parades gave this impression to me. There, all of them, are wearing a lot of makeup, lots of colors, their clothes are vibrant, full of joy, different colors combined. And only seeing them like this it gives you a good feeling.

But all that is sometimes at the surface. Straight people didn’t have issues like gay ones. We didn’t have to create a community were we could feel safe and we didn’t have to fight for our right to be ourselves. We go out day by day and live our life without someone looking at us like something is wrong. They have the and all of them, together, fought for a long time and they still do for their right to express themselves, to come clean without society judging them or looking at them like something that should be approved or even for the right to be in a and eventually to get married. Despite all these, they have the power to go on, to see the good things in everything, and also to accept all people just the way they are, even that they didn’t had the same luck.

2 young smiling women lying on grass, looking at each other

I love to see gay parades and I love to see gay and lesbian couples walking on the street like anyone else. By doing that they teach us that anything is possible if you really want it. They are the ones that can make our society change and accept anyone. And the joy and also the hope that we read in their eyes when they wave their flags are just a few things that makes us to be proud and to respect them.

So, maybe gay people are happier. And we have a lot to learn from them. But they are like this because they want to and they worked a lot to get here. So if they can be happy, after all they went through the time, then we can share their happiness and hope for more.

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